Tips for Learning to Parallel Park

When taking drivers lessons easily, one of the most challenging skills to learn is parallel parking. In fact, it’s the reason why many student driver’s end up failing their driver’s test. However, like any other driving skill, the key is to practice parallel parking, and just as importantly—to practice it correctly using a Calgary Driving School. Here are some helpful tips to help drivers learn the skill faster and better:

  1. Practice a lot

As with learning any other skill, it’s important to practice parallel parking, and practice it often. This will help to guarantee that you master it well. Along with the 3-point turn, parallel parking is arguably one of the most challenging skills that’s included in a driving test.

However, it can still be mastered. One of the reasons that beginner drivers have such difficulty with parallel parking is simply because they practice it enough. This isn’t to say that simply practicing will allow you to master the skill—it also involves practicing the right way. However, if you do that, then you’ll maximize your chance of learning it.

  1. Focus on a step-by-step approach

One of the reasons people have trouble mastering parallel parking is that they simply don’t follow the instructions given by the DMV and other sources—to a tee. In many ways, the act of parallel is an exact science. It involves following step-by-step instructions, and following them very carefully. If you do that, then you will have an excellent chance of mastering the skill. On the other hand, if you skip steps or don’t follow them exactly, then you’ll have more trouble learning how to parallel park.

  1. Turn you wheel all the way to the right before starting

This is one of the most critical steps to take before you start parallel parking. It’s important that you turn the wheel all the way to the right, and not just partially. Besides that, your foot should also be on the brake pedal while taking this step. If you follow this basic step you’ll be taking one of the most important ones to ensure that you are able to parallel park successfully.

  1. Eyeball if a parking spot is big enough

Since the space will often be marked off, you usually won’t have to make this judgment. However, in cases that it’s not, you’ll have to eyeball the space between the two cars, to determine whether or not your vehicle could fit between them. In both cases it’s critical to determine whether or not your vehicle can fit into the space. If it can’t then it could actually result in bumping one or both of the other cars, and potentially create damage in the body of the other car(s).

  1. Make sure to stop between turns of the steering wheel

This is one of the biggest mistakes the new drivers make when they learn to parallel park. When conducting a parallel park, there are several times that you’ll need to turn the steering wheel. It’s critical that you stop the car completely before you make those turns.