Basic Plan

10 hrs of Road Training and 15 hrs of Theory (Insurance Certification Course)

Course Fee: Please Call (403) 590-0080

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Basic Plus

Insurance Certification Course (For Class 5 Drivers License holder only)

6 hrs Road Training + 15 hrs of Theory

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14 hrs of Road Training with 15 hrs of Theory

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Brush-up Lesson

2 hrs or more of Road Training. A Brush-up course is quick evaluation of your driving in order to work more on your mistakes and improve them. It is a Practice Session for better performance in the actual Road Test conducted by Government Registries

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Car for Road Test

Use of School Car for Road Test for Basic or Advance (With above mentioned courses and brush-up)

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DDC (Defensive Driving Course) – Get 3 demerit points back

DDC Basic

6.5 hrs of Theory Class. Please note DDC class is on every Saturday. Call us to check for times.

DDC Premium

6.5 hrs of Theory Class and 4 hrs of Road Training

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